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That little blues amp?

Many people have come up to me at gigs and asked about my guitar sound and what gear I use.
Okay be prepared for a shocking revelation!
There's no special secret to it, the amp was rescued from a fellow student at a college course I was on about seven years ago, and it's an old selmer treble n bass fifty. When I acquired the amp it had a blowin mains transformer. Being out of work at the time money was short so I managed to pick up a sound city transformer, and with a few alterations to the chassis and power supply circuit got the amp up and running, it sounded okay but did'nt have the bite or drive that I was looking for, after hours of studying the tube amp book by Aspen Pitman, I discovered it would be possible to copy a 50w Marshall circuit and convert the TnB to this specification.
So there you have it, no digital fx no rack mounted gear just one amp with good valves and celestion black back speakers. For overdrive I use a Boss blues driver pedal or Marshall governor, I may be getting a couple of Electro harmonix pedals in the future if the budget will permit.


Gaz's Guitars
From left to right :- The S.G., "The Jazz Woodbine" and Peavey Dynabass.

although Gaz no longer plays in the band,I've left his gear on the site in memory of him and his childhood days.